Weekly Lawn Mowing

Providing weekly lawn mowing services for residential and commercial properties in Baltimore, Dundalk, Pikesville and surrounding areas. Ground Control Lawn Care includes lawn mowing technique’s that leave a well-manicured look. Many people do not know that cutting height is an important factor in keeping a healthy lawn. Proper height should be from 3 to 4 inch in height keeping the grass a little longer helps block out weeds.


Our Curb Appeal Process


Another key factor is the scheduling of the lawn. Pick a day of the week when mowing will be performed. Ground Control Lawn Care provides weekly lawn mowing which ensures your grass a proper mowing schedule.


Ground Control Lawn Care considers this one of the most important parts of a lawn service. The trimmer will do exactly as it suggests, trim. it will get all the areas the lawn mower could not, such as around trees, along curbs and landscape edging.


A good landscape company will have sharp cutting blades during the growing season. We sharpen our blades every week! Homeowners can get away with sharpening blades twice a season, depending on the size of your yard.

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