Lawn Care Strategies for Spring in Baltimore County, MD

Spring Landscaping 101: How to Maintain Your Lawn in Baltimore County As the weather warms up and the cherry blossoms bloom, you might start noticing that the winter season was not kind to your lawn. Before your dreams of backyard barbecues and beautiful grass go out the window, know that there are some personal lawn care strategies you can implement to bring your home and landscape back to its pre-winter beauty. Our many years of experience in lawn mowing Baltimore, MD have given us the knowledge of how best to make the transition from winter into spring. Lawn Care Strategies for Spring It’s important not to start lawn care too early. Every Marylander knows that, especially in the last few year
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When is the Best Time for Sod Installation in Baltimore County

When is the Best Time for Sod Installation in Baltimore County? Primarily, the best time of the year to install sod is in the beginning of summer. Once the ground has been warm enough throughout spring (we’ve seen some cold springtime seasons in Baltimore county before), you’ll be prepped to lay down sod. However, it’s going to require a transition period, which is why it’s time sensitive. If you don’t water and tend to the sod on a routine basis, the roots will have a hard time digging into the original soil. Keeping your sod healthy while it plants its roots is crucial to ensuring it sticks - when your sod just sits there on top of your original soil, it’s separate from the ecosystem of your lawn. Having all summer to water your lawn and watch it grow w
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Baltimore County Lawn Care Tips for Springtime

Spring rolls around, and a lot of us are eager to hop right to our lawn care and get the ball rolling. Before you slip on your boots and charge into your yard with green thumbs at the ready, take these tips into consideration for spring. Give it Time The biggest mistake you can make is heading into the yard too early. Pruning and landscaping your yard too early can kill your grass and leave dead patches if you aren’t careful. GIve your lawn at least three days to wake up once the weather gets nice; it won’t grow out of control in the meantime. When It’s Safe to Start, Pick Up the Rake Read More

Weekly Lawn Mowing in Baltimore MD: How Short Should I Cut My Lawn?

Is there a perfect length to your lawn? The answer is yes, but it’s not what you may be thinking. First of all, you need to know what kind of grass you have. If you’re a new homeowner and you’re not certain, a landscaping professional can usually tell you what type of grass you have. There are a few factors that come into play, so let’s get into it. Don’t Cut It Too Short Your lawn actually can be too short, even though a lot of homeowners are unaware. The common thought is, “If I mow it shorter, I can go longer in between cutting my grass.” While that’s true you may not have any grass left to cut. When you see a home with brown patches on the lawn or uneven heights to the grass, it’s because t
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